Jalatunda Spring

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Jalatunda spring is a shallow pit, the size of the water hole about 2 x 1 m with a depth of no more than 1.5 m, but until now they still produce water from the sidelines of the composition of the stone blocks, although the flow is small but constant flow, perhaps it had never been dry even in the dry season. By residents around the well has now been on the wall of cement to maintain the cleanliness of these springs. Water from wells Jalatunda then flowed through a small ditch to the east along approximately 20 m towards a form of artificial pond called Taman Sri Bagenda. In addition, water from wells Jalatunda also flowed into the small time Cipamali.
On a flat stone near the well, found the existence of other stones and a stone which is round like a ball. Megalithic stones in the common repertoire of rock called bullets. Until now this can not be known for certain what the function of stone bullets. On the site punden berundak Weak Duhur in Kampung Cijembar, Sukajembar Village, District Sukanagara, Cianjur, also found in the rocks on the surface of bullets on the porch to-4 together with flat stones and menhirs. Very likely the stones are closely related with the bullet with a rite of worship of ancestors.
Locals named the springs Jalatunda been a long time, if the judging means that the nets in Sanskrit means water, while the delay means the mouth, or something that resembles a mouth hole, probably had once contained a water fountain made of stone, or other materials. Springs Jalatunda name known in some places on the island of Java, and is always associated with a past civilization, such petirthan kuna in the western slopes of Mount Penanggungan are numbered from the year 899 Saka (977 AD) also called Jalatunda, and an old well that had dried on top of a hill called Mount Teak Cirebon also with Jalatunda wells. Presumably Jalatunda naming is related to the function and meaning kekeramatannya in the past because it is considered as a source of water that can be used in religious rites or other ceremonies.

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