Kepurbakalaan Majusi

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A small terraced hill at the edge of the village called by the locals with punden Zoroastrianism. Not yet known why the name is more like it, maybe there are reasons of its own so that residents called Zoroastrianism.
Having carefully considered, a small hill that was shaped with staircase punden berdenah like a crescent moon, the north south orientation, with the highest terrace in the south. Based on the remaining steps can still be observed, then the number of terraces in punden Zoroastrianism is 7 levels. On the surface of the terrace to-7 (highest) there is grave forms of Islam, there is a new one using tiles and some are composed of small round stones complete with 2 tombstone.
In the middle of the terrace of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are great stones stood, it felt like a menhir, but very possibly large stones are also function as a color stone (stone barrier) on the front row of stairs leading to higher terraces. Such circumstances similar to those in punden berundak Mount Padang (Cianjur). It's just that at Mount Padang kelirnya instead of a monolithic structure but from the shelf of stone blocks lengthwise.
Also at the bottom punden Zoroastrianism (east side) found a large rock that one flat surface, like a stone altar. Likewise on the surface of the terrace of the 2nd until the 7th there is a large monolith monolith-other, some of them are located on the edge of the terrace, and there are already sliding down punden. On the road near the village of stone menhirs punden still found a flat that is used as a pedestrian footbridge gutter. According to local residents earlier this punden not only 7 but more terrace, patio-terrace continue to point to the south, the highest terrace is now a mosque and the mosque courtyard. At first mosque built in a location where there are large trees, beneath still found the statue in a simple form and an elongated stone blocks about 1 m. At the time of the mosque artifacts have been removed and no longer known to exist today, so said one local resident.
Therefore it can be stated that in fact a form of Zoroastrianism archaeological punden berundak. Maybe once a former punden large terraces with several levels of terrace, it's just that now can still be observed live 7 terrace.

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