Kepurbakalaan Surawisesa

12-12-2011 Bogor Regencies 26169 viewed


At a distance of about 300 m west from punden berundak Zoroastrianism, there are elongated north-south hill, passing like a natural hill. If observed carefully, then on the wall of the eastern and western sides of the hills, terraces are reinforced by the composition of the rock pile. Then it can be assumed that the hill itself also is a punden terraces, which is called by AMSumawijaya with punden berundak Surawisesa.
Punden terraces is clearly a man-made, the amount of the lowest terrace on the north side up to the highest in the south is 47 steps (still an uncertain calculations, to be the number of terrace more than that), while its length range is about 400 m, really a large berundak punden. If there is someone standing on the porch punden and looked toward the south, then he would immediately look to one of the big hill that is part of Mount Salak. The interesting thing is the patio-terrace surface can not grow anything, so just overgrown with thick grass. At half the terrace top, now it has become the wet rice field, but on the other part just flat overgrown with trees, and there are several ancient Muslim grave and there is also new. At the very back (to call it the terrace while the 47th) there are stone boulders, and an upright menhirs are still embedded in the ground.

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