Hotel Preanger

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Preanger hotel is located on Jalan Asia Afrika No.. 81, Village Braga, Bandung District wells. At coordinates 107 º 36'41, 9 "and BT 06 º 55'18, 2" LS and. Hotels are relatively strategic location because it was the right front of the Hotel Homann, with the northern boundary: Naripan Road, East boundary: Tamblong Road, South boundary: Jalan Asia Afrika, the western boundary of: Public Works Department. Now the region has become an office area and center of trade, and to achieve it may use a private vehicle wheel 4 or 2 and can use public transportation that is always back and forth through the region of Cicaheum Bus Terminal, Hall Station (Railway Station) or from Bus Terminal Leuwipanjang .
Hotel was founded in 1897 by W. Van H.C Deertekom Baroq architectural style. In the 1930's hotel expansion and renovation Preanger experienced by the renowned architect Prof.. Ir. C. P. Wolff Schoemaker with functional modern architectural style with ArtDeco Geometric stream line. At the front of the hotel looks like the style of decoration that Indians in South America. In the 1980's this building was again expanded, especially on the eastern side of the east. Architectural style that is displayed when was praised as a new work in harmony with the old buildings. The new design is very concerned about style and design of old buildings which became the main reference.
Hotel Preanger South facing to Jalan Asia Afrika, with an area of ​​± 1638 m², and stood on the land area of ​​± 2572 m². About five meters west of the hotel (building upfront PU) are peg as a sign of 0 (zero) Km of Bandung, which is made by the Governor-General Daendels in 1894, at the time of making the Post Road.
Hotel Savoy Homann can serve as a cultural attraction of being close view of the ancient buildings around the area of ​​the square. The hotel is relatively unknown by many people.

Location: Jalan Asia Afrika No.. 81, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells
Coordinates: 06 º 55'18, 2 "S, 107 º 36'41, 9" E
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