Punden Berundak Leuweung Karamat dan Saunggalah

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Punden terraces in the form hunyur (hill land) that is still heavily covered with bushes and large trees. This was because the locals still consider it sacred hunyur, do not be surprised if later called Leuweung karamat (sacred forest). Located approximately 500 m west from punden berundak Surawisesa, through a path that bypasses field plots.
Circumstances punden terrace is partly collapsed, and there are also terraces in a terrace, so a bit difficult to count the number of his porch. The number of terraces which can be observed now about 15 steps, with north-south orientation, when examined carefully it may be more than 15 levels. Higher highest terrace (most southern) + 3 m, the lowest terrace in the northern part that starts on flat land, in the midst of the land flowing small stream. Then, on the west side there are times longer terrace terraced steep enough and high (height + 5 m) forming the highest terrace of punden another staircase, called punden Saunggalah. Thus there are presumably at the site punden twins, namely punden Leuweung karamat terraces and terraces punden Saunggalah, between the two are separated by time punden small.
As for the terraces I-IV on terraces punden there karamat Leuweung large natural stone which upheld, so it can also be called a menhir in the middle of the terrace, a similar situation encountered in punden berundak Zoroastrianism. On the terrace VI at the same time there is a stone punden bergores, although stroke is worn out, and on the terrace of X encountered stone monolith which is supported by several small stones under it, so like a dolmen, it's just located at the edge of the terrace and is very likely to collapse downward . The longest length is 2.10 m monolith with the widest width 1 m.
Punden berundak Saunggalah oriented east-west, the highest terrace on the east side, on the spacious terrace has now established people's homes. In the courtyard houses are still there now menhir stone with pointed peak. Menhir is 70 cm high from ground level, while the widest width was 70 stone, 5 cm. The highest terrace is then sloping to the west in and formed several terraces down, but have not had time to count the number of his porch, and are also not observed any other archaeological phenomena.

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