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Pangguyangan is a small village situated in the village Cikakak, approximately 16 miles north of Harbour Queen. The remains of megalithic cultural traditions found in the area is a building with staircase punden berdenah square. Local people call the building terraces with trepidation as the Earth, they also mention the location is a gathering place for the Wali Sanga in the past.
The main building consists of seven sacred Pangguyangan terrace, with the size of the terrace from the ground up smaller. At each corner of the terrace there is a possibility of an upright stone serves as a barrier from each level terrace. Right in front of the main building the right, at a distance of less than 2.5 m from the wall of the lower terrace there is a flat stone. There is a possibility of a flat stone has any connection with the main building megaliths in Pangguyangan.
Sources: Lutfi Yondri
Location: Village Cikakak
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