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Ciawitali site is located to the east of the resort to the four from the village of Kampung Ciptagelar Ciptarasa headed. From these locations to get to the site can only be done by walking through the path on the slopes of the hills and then the journey continues tracing the path on the edge of the river Ciawitali.
Based on the observation of the remains, it can be concluded that site is punden building terraces. Of the remaining differences in the height of the page, most can not be clearly diamiti punden building terraces Ciawitali consists of 3 pages, north-south orientation. The first page on the south side, the legs Ciawitali bordering the river. The structure of the composition of rocks making up the page almost all been lost, while now only left the cliffs rather steep with a wall height of 3 to 5 meters.
On the second page, the composition penyususn stone steps on the east and west have also been lost, just a cliff with a height between 2-4 feet, but on the north side of the page there are the composition of the limiting steps of stone blocks. In the center of the array there are stairs up which is also made of stone block structure bounded by two blocks of stone which was set up which serves as a barrier stairs up.
In the northern part of the second page or so less than 7 feet from the stairs there is a shelf punden made from the composition of andesite boulders, measuring 4.80 meters long, 3.20 meters wide. On the top shelf there is a menhir punden made of andesite stone block with the height 120 centimeters, a width of 20 centimeters and 18 centimeters thick, the bottom south of menhirs placed a flat stone which is also made of andesite stone with a length of 53 centimter, widest width of 50 centimeters and 15 centimeters thick.
High side of most pages, or the main page of the terraces Ciawitali punden building located in the extreme north. Of the remaining existing stone structure, shape and size of building footprint with a length of 19.20 meters, 18.70 meters wide, with sides sloping from the top toward the feet, 9 meters, can be estimated with staircase Ciawitali punden main part of this pyramid-shaped terrace , which is composed of andesite blocks. Most of the current building surfaces piramuid now covered by bamboo plants.
Sources: Lutfi Yondri
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Directions: From Kampung Ciptagelar can be done on foot via the footpath on the slopes of the hills and then the journey continues tracing the path on the edge of the river Ciawitali.
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