Klana Mask

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Klana guise generally painted with a dark red color. Seeing temperament is predictable, that this mask-rugged manly character. His eyes widened belotot like people; mustache made ​​of braided hair and the edges are rounded. Aquiline nose, his mouth gaping and a bit poking out. Upper teeth protruding slightly forward, at first glance seem like a person who was laughing uproariously. On the curved chin beard trimmings called rengget or rerengu that integrates with the beard. Above the tip of the nose or on the forehead there is a curve as the image of a person who was frowned on so-called renyon While the upper transverse ornament called a diadem.
Klana mask mask has many syllables, among others wringut, drodos and barong. This mask is also often used for a variety of parallel character dances, among others, to dance Rowana mask, or mask dance in the area Priangan Ravana, and mask dance Koncaran. In the structure of the Cirebon mask performances, mask was danced at the end.

Source : Toto Amsar Suanda

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