Pamindo Mask

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Pamindo guise, or often also called the guise of Samba, generally white, but some are red or pink under the guise of so-called Samba Abang. Samba said, is borrowing from the name of the character Purwa, namely Purwaganda Samba, son Arjuna.
In Cirebon mask performance, mask Pamindo danced in the second part. However, specific to Samba Abang guise (and dance at the same time), only in Indramayu and Subang areas, namely in the style of dance masks and mask Rasinah Menor. Outside the Indramayu, Samba guise Brother was never found. Flirtatious or lively character that people called ganjen Cirebon. In areas Priangan (HDMI in particular), this mask painted eggs (endog prit) and used to mask dance Kencanawungu. Above the arched forehead and hair ornaments in the middle there is a decoration called flower tiban. Her hair is called carving niches ukel welut ridge. While on the cheek circular ornament called a circular pilis between the two cheeks.
The look on his face suggests a man of mirth, joy. Liyep eyes, nose and mouth gaping slightly mendongkak, as someone who was laughing. In the dance there was laughter movement termed gemuyu (Laughter Idioms. Java) and is usually done after a dancer wearing a mask.

Source : Toto Amsar Suanda

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