Panji Mask

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Panji mask white mask. Smooth character (liyep, lenyep). His face without elaborate ornamentation and look innocent. Sunggingan in the eyes called wiji bonteng (cucumber seeds) and gaze liyep; eyes and his smile dikulum ducked. The look on his face (wanda) shows someone who is pious. If he had spoken the word, her voice low and gentle. This guise, (and at the same dance), depicts a human newborn. The comparable figures mask Arjuna or Rama in the story Purwa.
Anatomy human anatomy follow. Each part of the face has its own size. Traditional mask makers, mask with jejarinya anatomic measure, for example: the forehead as wide as four fingers are clenched; distance of the eye with a finger-width sesumpil; size of the segment along the length of the nose thumb ditekukkan; the distance between the nostrils to the upper lip as wide as your little finger; width of the mouth of the index finger, and his chin width of your index finger and middle finger are pressed together.

Source : Toto Amsar Suanda

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