Rumyang Mask

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Mask Rumyang sewanda with Pamindo, but with no hair ornaments. As well as Pamindo guise, in the middle of his forehead there is a decoration or rengu rerengu mimi cough, which are connected with a circular pilis decoration on both sides of the cheek to cheek to the bottom.
Unmasked color pink, but some are light brown. Unmasked the same character under the guise Pamindo, namely flirtatious, vivacious, or ganjen. When juxtaposed with the character of wayang (puppet or leather), mask is the same as Dipatikarna.
His features exude cheerfulness, and this can be seen from the mouth that always implies a person with a sweet smile. In the structure of the Cirebon mask performances, mask was danced in the third part as a continuation of the mask Pamindo, but there also danced at the end.

Source : Toto Amsar Suanda

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