Tumenggung Mask

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Tumenggung guise or duke always painted in brown or pink. Wanda unmasked implies someone who is valiant, courageous, and authoritative in accordance with the character who is also handsome. Slightly bulging eyes, and called the eye shape kedelen; thick mustache and usually made ​​of braided hair, or skin at the edges rounded off. Sunggingan beard called memulu.
Especially for Losari style mask, mask and duke Tumenggung distinguished. Patih white mask with bulging eyes, berjambang, and a mustache. As far as presently known, only mask Sejong who distinguishes between the mask and Tumenggung Patih. Similarly, the dance. While in other areas, between the mask and Tumenggung Patih not distinguished. According Kandeg, to distinguish the two mask can be observed from the shape of his mustache. Whiskers on the guise of duke of hair while wearing a mustache and wear leather mask Tumenggung capang shape (tapered). Wanda is also a variety of guises, and consists of syllables: tatag, prekecil, bullets, and shot. While the guise Tumenggung has three syllables, namely slasi, drodos, and sanggan.

Source : Toto Amsar Suanda

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