porridge Sura

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Porridge Shura is a yearly ceremony held annually on 10 Muharam. The ceremony is in no way associated with Ashura, the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein (grandson of the Prophet) in the events in Karbala which also commemorated on the same date and month. The ceremony was by the community is associated with the events of Noah. and has been running since a long time. However, the implementation is also associated with myths Nyi Pohaci Sanghyang Sri.
The ceremony was believed to be the public can bring blessings of prosperity and peace. Implementation has specific rules and require a variety of equipment, among other ceremonies, offerings, sacred objects, equipment for the manufacture of pulp, and the arts. Place to carry out the ceremony can be in the house, outdoors, in the field, or on the banks of the river, and so on. Site selection is basically relies heavily on community actors ceremony itself. For example outside the home of one resident who is considered able to perform the ceremony. Site selection is based on the specific reasons, namely because the participants of the ceremony requires a lot of people. In addition, the furnaces are used for pulp making process actually requires a fairly broad and open.
The ceremony included Tarawangsa art, and can not be replaced by any arts. The songs presented by tarawangsa are special songs for the offerings to the ancestor (ancestor spirits) and Kersa Nyai (Dewi Sri). Songs are arranged into three stages: Ngalungsurkeu (Mapag), thanksgiving, and nginebkeun Kersa Nyai (Dewi Sri). After the ceremony Ngalungsurkeun conducted at night is finished, the people present at the time it was given the opportunity to dance. They danced in turn, both men and women until around 3:00 in the morning. In the dance, between men and women should be separated by time division. Women are given the opportunity to dance the first time, beginning after the ceremony Ngalungsurkeun until 24.00. After that, the opportunity is given to men who will end up in the morning at 03.00. Porridge making Shura ceremony itself carried around at 08.00 to finish approximately afternoon. Parallel, some in the audience dancing in the music ceremony tarawangsa.
One of the requirements that must be met in the implementation of the Shura porridge ritual is the offering (Sasajen Idioms. Sundanese) consisting of: 1) Hahampangan, which is kind of snacks, such as opaque, waper. 2) Rurujakan: banana salad, cuing salad, citrus salad, bread salad, salad kalapa, salad flower (flower) Kananga, coconut salad, pineapple salad, and sour salad. 3) Rice, coins, mirrors, coconut oil, jugs, leaf HANJUANG, parupuyan, cigars, fans made of webbing, and incense. While the ingredients for making porridge Shura include: A variety of vegetables, fruits, tubers, and various kinds of fish.
All the ingredients are incorporated, into the pan and then cooked and stirred until cooked. Cooked porridge that has been wrapped in banana leaves. PARCEL slurry was calculated to obtain certainty about the amount that has been made. More or less parcels slurry gives a specific meaning, namely as a sign, whether the coming harvest will be abundant, or vice versa. The number also announced the acquisition of porridge to all supporters of the ceremony. Then the slurry as it is distributed to all supporters and the rest is evenly distributed to the nearest neighbor who could not be present at the time of making porridge. With the completion of the division of porridge, then finished the ritual porridge Shura.

source: Toto Amsar Suanda

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