Dadung Feast

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Dadung Feast Village is a community arts Legokherang, Subang District, District Brass. Art is estimated to have existed since the 18th century and early fertility rites functioned to (agricultural). This rite is intended as a form of worship of the Queen Galuh trust local people as the queen of animal protectors. Queen Galuh is the herders 'inner' by many nicknames such as Nyai Pelenggirarang, Biting the Queen, the Queen Bopong, Geder Queen of the Gods, or queen Dewatana Koja. Nicknamed as the queen of shepherds is closely related to the typology of Sundanese people who belong to a pastoral society or community fields.
Dadung, meaning mine, usually made from the bark of hibiscus fiber that serves to bind the buffalo or cow. Dadung no other party is a rite for the herders. Therefore, the rite is also often called a rite of slaves Angon. Slaves Angon diupacarakan deliberately with the intention that they remain passionate shepherd the flock (usually buffaloes and cows) and herds remain healthy and strong.
As with other rites, feasts dadung always held once a year during the katiga (dry) before the summer rains. However, its execution time is then converted into each dated August 18, related to the anniversary celebration of Independence Day Place in the courtyard of the village hall.
The party was initially accompanied by a gamelan severally, but because the gamelan is burned during the DI / TII, then replaced with dogdog, and now finally replaced by a gamelan pelog or salendro. The ceremony has several stages: the service, Rajah Pamunah, (tulak God, or Qulhu Breech), and entertainment, namely tayuban.
Devotional ceremony mengupacarakan dadung, and will start if all requirements are met, among others: the collection of old or dadung dadung heirloom, which is the largest dadung (dadung sacred) and dadung the shepherds, and the offerings consist of: parawanten, rurujakan, and snacks market. Once all requirements are considered complete, elders then burn incense ceremony and read the incantation. Here is the mantra:
God's servant pangampura
parukuyan rat Gumilang
aseupna the jug wulang
ka ka ridge of the prophets
Ambu handap ka ka ka rama
nu calik tungtung resin
kadaharan tungtung steamed
Kanu sakedap majesties

Finished reading the incantation, dadung shepherds taken by their respective owners. While the sacred dadung placed on a tray and carried by ronggeng while dancing. Dadung is then given to the village chief and handed over to Raksabumi to be given to the elders of the ceremony. Dadung Scrolls opened, one end of the ceremony and the elders held the other end held by the RT. Elders ceremony then sang hymns pamunah rajah, who continued with the reading of God tulak. After that, dadung then danced by village heads and village officials accompanied the ronggeng in Renggong great accompaniment tracks. Once completed, dadung then saved again and the show continued with tayuban. Dancers are the shepherds and the people who attended the ceremony. They danced until the morning and ended at around 04.00 am. Now, the party dadung is used as one part of the ceremony miceun pests (remove pests) in Situ Hyang in a series of ceremonies in Cigugur Seren Taun, Regency Brass.

source: Toto Amsar Suanda

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