Barangan atau Babakan Mask

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In accordance with its meaning, the show is on tour Barangan mask made at the initiative of a group mask. Bebarang (bhs. Java) that is equal to ngamen or on tour. Pigeaud call the show with a performance that mask small masks or masks Babakan. Performing a small mask or mask Babakan, is the spectacle of the streets are played by people who move around (wong bebarang) doing a show anywhere according to the demand of people who perceive, while the form is set according to the scene of the presentation, in accordance with the number of "rounds" are requested. One dance is considered one round.
In a long note, stated that: One half is a staging duration of approximately between 10 to 15 minutes. And between f0, 10 to f0, 25 cost, and the dancers were given the authority to accept donations (sarayuda) from the audience by bringing the tray around. Additional income is sometimes in excess of wages has been determined and depends on the proficiency of the dancers, the more so if this a female dancer, that everything interesting, the most unlucky people will give 5 cents even a dime, which in other circumstances only a few cents or segobang (2.5 cents).
Personal Barangan mask, usually only about seven to eight people. Gamelan brought by bear. Therefore, not many istrumen / gamelan brought. Gamelan Barangan including small gamelan ensemble consists of: two saron, ovarian and kulanter drums, gongs and kiwul, kecrek / keprak, tutukan and kebluk. It's easy to understand, because if all the properties brought gamelan, besides too many, the burden to be borne also requires a lot of people. Please note, that masks a complete gamelan need at least 13 people nayaga. They were drummers saron two people, kedemung, goong, drums, berries, and kebluk tutukan, kemanak, klenang, bonang and rincik, titil, jenglong, kenong, and keprak (keprak drummers usually doubles as bodor).
Key feature bebarang mask, other than as described above, as well as dances of the display is always on request responders. Each mask danced in a short time, about 10 to 15 minutes. Each dance is complete, the responder to give money in return. There is also providing additional benefits to the rice, rice, beverages, or food. Additional income for Wong bebarang obtained from saweran, namely money inadvertently thrown into the audience dancing area. The money fell and scattered, either metal or paper money, collected by one of nayaga.
Barangan mask is usually done in the area of ​​residence when they arrived a bad season and in other areas of the middle of harvest season. In ancient times, they traveled to the border of East Priangan, which is derived from Cirebon regency (especially from Palimanan). Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, and Bandung is the path they bebarang in the Middle East and Priangan. These cities once considered the most advanced in the field of culture (especially the mask). While the districts are located further to the north and west, such as Falkirk, Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi mask seems little or nothing. In the West, the mask of life in Batavia and the surrounding area, or the Greater Jakarta area is now called the special mask Betawi.
From the show this is one type of dispersal occurs mask. Sometimes they settled in an area and not return to his hometown or village of origin, or also got a mate with women or men outside her village and moved, settling in the village where the wife or the man coming.
Barangan mask has several functions, among others, as a medium for the spread of Islam in Java is performed by the mayor. When Java has been successfully Islamicised, mask Barangan then switching function, no longer part of the greatness of Islam, but be Kasab (jobs) to make a living for its artists. In addition, other functions are as a learning arena for potential mastermind mask. In Barangan was someone who would be the mastermind behind a mask forged skill and courage in public.

Sources: Toto Amsar Suanda

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