Cave Pawon

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Located at 601 m above sea level, Goa Pawon at the top of the hill which is Pawon limestone mining area, and in ancient times the banks of Lake Ancient Bandung.
Based on survey results A.C. De Yong and G.H.R. Von Koenigswald in 1930-1935, found the tools of the past culture of obsidian materials, kalsidon, quartzite, chert and andesite in the form of arrows, knives, penyerut, rhinestone bracelet, sharpening stones from the Age of Preneolitik, whose life began to settle in the caves or niche or often encountered in the limestone hills.
Pawon Goa has a length of 38 m and a width of 16 m, over medium-high roof of the cave can not be known with certainty because of the time found the roof of the cave collapsed. Floor of the cave left only a small portion on the west side because it was dug by local people for taking fospat with a depth of 4-5 m. While the central part of the floor slabs buried by roof collapse, have largely been eroded, thus forming a fairly steep slope.
The results of excavations in 2003 and 2004 found various forms of artifacts, features and ekofak that can characterize the existence of such sites in the past. Artifact consisting of broken tiles, pottery, tools flakes, tools lancipan and spatula-shaped bone, stone tools at (perkutor), the rest of the jewelry made of animal teeth and teeth of fish, molluscs and a very significant finding of the existence of past life in the form of framework humans. It is also found to be non artefaktual such as bone fragments and mollusks. Pawon presence in Goa is probable because of the food chain stitch that has ever happened in the past, in this case as part of the food needs (consumption) and may also be used in the manufacture of equipment for daily living.

Address: Village of Mount Masigit, District Cipatat
Coordinates: 6 49 '22 "S, 107 26' 14" E
Direction: ± 5 km to the east of District Cipatat or ± 25 km from downtown Bandung. Distance from Highway Padalarang - Cianjur ± 2 km through the village street to the location.
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