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Tarompét is one of the music is widely known in Sundanese culture. The name "tarompet" comes from the voice or sound that "... Peet Peet Peet ..." the field of linguistics and the science of music called onomatopoik. Music instrument similar to a child's toy, made from rice straw or coconut leaves, also called angry-empétan, which could mean two kinds: (1) "which reads .. Peet Peet," and (2) "that mimics [ musical instruments] annoyed. "
The name "trumpet" is usually used in Indonesian, which comes from the West, (trumpet). However, if Western trumpet sounds from two sources peniupnya lips quivering, the source of the sound tarompétSunda is annoyed, in the form of sheets or thin plates (reed, "tongue") which is made from dried coconut leaves. Empétinilah a vibrating plate, clashing when blown together with the oboe (oboe), which in organological (science instrument) called a double reed (double-tongued). So, from the name of this tarompét close to the "trumpet" but from the side of the appliance close to the oboe. Tongue angry not just two (double), but there are 4 (quadrupel), there are 6 (hexaduple), there is even an 8 ("octadupel").
Sunda Tarompét the most widely known is the ensemble gendangpenca (kendangpencak). But, in addition to accompanying (ibing) on ​​Disabled, drum on Disabled is also used in many shows, such as sisingaan, Renggong horses, sheep race, parade, sampyong (or ujungan) , sisingaan, kite games, magic, charlatans, and other parties.
Due to the harsh sound, both from tarompét or drum, drum ensemble on Disabled is an open space (outdoor), although relatively few number of his instrument. The combination of drums and tarompét (flute) in an ensemble, there are widespread in the world, which in Southeast Asia from the Middle East, called dol (drums) danzurna (oboe). Dol name, still used in one type of drum in West Sumatra. While the zurna, with variations of the name as surna and surnai, in Indonesia generally called fife (seruné, saruné, sruné).
Music warrior (military band, marching band) at the beginning was also a combination of drum-oboe ensemble, which also originally from the Middle East is growing rapidly padajaman Otoman, the Islamic empire in the 16th century Turki.Pada or 17, that ensemble is said to be adopted and developed by the kingdoms of Western Europe, and so on until a military band "modern" as it is now. From the West, then spread again throughout the world, and many are united again with their local music, as well as tanji in Greater Jakarta area. Fife drum ensemble is contained in the various islands: Sumatra, Java, Madura, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and others. However, in addition to the ensemble "oboe-drum," in Sundanese gamelan there is a kind of wear tarompét, as carriers of melody, sepertihalnya flute and fiddle, the Maya of the region Krawangdan Bogor (or Batawi).
Some 20's years, there are two types of tarompét Sunda: tarompét on Disabled, and tarompét sisingaan. In principle, the sound system and both are pretty much the same tone. What distinguishes it is the volume or kekerasanbunyinya: the second louder than the first. Because, tarompét sisingaan larger tube diameter on average 2.5 cm, while on Disabled tarompét about 2 cm. Likewise annoyed her. If annoyed tarompét pencak (also tarompét Maya) dibuatdari 2 to 6 pieces of the tongue, tarompét sisingaan 8 sheets. The size is also larger: about 1 cm X 1.2 cm for the martial tarompét, and 1.9 cm X 1.3 cm to tarompét sisingaan. With it, even though both have the same length, about 50 cm, the volume of different sounds.
Tarompét, like drums, flutes, and DAMAS, not just played in the ensemble tradisional.Tarompét now, used to play popular songs like dangdutan. Similarly, works of music composition from the many young artists who use tarompét, termasukjes (jazz). DwikiDarmawan, a composer and musician who is now very popular in Indonesia and in foreign countries, many exploring the music traditions of Sunda, including tarompét, with group-nyayang famous Krakatau. YoyonDarsono, a traditional musician from Sumedang who is also a lecturer at STSI Bandung, is tarompét player who often appeared in music festivals at home and abroad, including a group of Krakatoa.

Sources : Endo Suanda

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