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Mask that will be used to dance is usually wrapped by a cloth (any color). Wrap the guise it is called Ules. In addition to functioning as a protective cover from damage, Ules also frequently danced. Cirebon mask almost all the choreography, have movements which are accompanied by Ules. The term motion called ngola Ules (Ules processing). Danced with a rolled up, slammed, twisted, thrown, dibentang, folded, kneaded, and so on.
Ules, also has a symbolic meaning, which is a kind of curtain that serves to conceal a person's personality. Is he male or female; flirtatious or calm; cheerful or morose; brave or smooth; good or bad; or danawa warrior, king or clown-servants, and so on. When Ules been opened, then we will know what is hidden. He is the intermediary who delivered us to the knowledge of the behavior of human life.

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Movement Ngola Ules
Video edit Toto Amsar Suanda July 14, 2011
Taking Video: Buyut Tambi July 9, 2011
Dancer 1 Wangi Indriya, Dalang-Indramayu Tambi Mask, Panji mask Ules
2 Dwi Yulisa dancers, mask Ules Pamindo

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