Panji Mask Dance

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This mask dance subtle character. Published at the first opportunity. According to them, Panji derived from the word Siji (one, or the first), well-established sing Siji (believing in the One). Dance motion always small and soft, minimalist and more silent. Said Mutinah (mastermind mask Gegesik origin, Cirebon), Panji mask dance is rich wong urip but dead, dead but urip. The phrase was to explain, that the mask Panji was not much movement, like the dead but alive, alive but dead. 
The choreography was quiet, and this is one of the things that cause this dance is less favored by the audience, especially the lay audience. This dance is accompanied by some of the songs are strung into a single structure of a long and difficult music. The song is called Flower Breech essentially followed with the song lontang big, oet-oetan, and pamindo deder. 
Except at the Sejong, the mastermind behind the Cirebon mask dance in general does not associate with such characters in the story of Panji Panji. That is, the name of the dance is not as picture Panji figure. Panji said only borrowed to express one of the characters dance a delicate, which incidentally figures Panji same character. In contrast to the Sejong, and as far as presently known, the mask in this area is the only style that does not display the mask dance Bannerman as shown in the first part (Babakan). This style is not as commonly mask dance in other areas. Panji actually danced in the guise of a lakonan and dancers actually playing the character Panji. 
For most mastermind Cireon mask, mask Bannerman describes the human newborn. Dance movement is always small, soft, and smooth, minimalist, and more silent. This dance is described as well as mutmainah lust, passions that are to guide and sanctify and lead salik. 
If you look at the text, mask dance Panji contain elements of contrast or paradox, because between motion and music is the opposite. Motion is smooth or soft, but loud music. Contrast was described as someone who has been able to control the passions and not easily tempted by all that is worldly. He is a picture marifat human, human being perfect man, that his actions will not waver one bit when faced with various trials. He remained calm and tawakal. Human marifat always aware, that nagging-malik and breathing it all depends on God. Abandonment and sincerity is the hallmark of life in persons marifat. While the element of paradox as a picture of Lord Shiva in the Hindu creator god and believed as well as destruction. 
In the days of the Majapahit kingdom, Panji mask dance is a dance to bring the forces of the universe is paradoxical. With this dance, then the principles of the paradoxes of the universe, maleness and femaleness, are presented. Creator god itself presented through myths and symbols Panji. Panji is a paradox in itself. He is male and female, he is the sun and moon, day and night he was, he lived and died. Time and space exist within the paradox of this god.
Sources : Toto Amsar Suanda

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