Bima - Puppet Leaders

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Bima (Bhima) was the second of the five Pandava brothers. He is the incarnation (incarnation, derivative) Batara Bayu. Bima realized by a large body of solid (in the Javanese wayang kulit, the difference in size is very large, rather than in Bali). In wayang wong (puppet people), of course, pebedaannya not far away, though Bhima was also chosen for the role of the dancer's most high-major. In all styles (gagrag) puppet, which is typical of the Milky is having Pancanaka Nails, Bracelet Candrakirana, and Dodot Bintuluaji (Bangbintuluaji), with a grid like a chessboard, with 4 colors: white, yellow, red, black.
Sources: Endo Suanda


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