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Maya is a gamelan device found in West Java, the completeness of the instrumentation (the number waditra) hapir equal to one device pelog gamelan. There are two very different types of Maya style, the first of the region Sumedang, and both are in the Karawang and Bogor (particularly in District Cullinan). 
There is no document that shows when the gamelan Maya was born, but from the character-sequential priority waditra gong (gong chimes), which is characteristic of ensemble music in Southeast Asia, this is a type of gamelan ensemble are very old. Jaap Kunst, Dutch ethnomusicologist who conducted the study gamelan in the 1920s, reports about the Maya in the villages in the highlands of eastern Sunda, such as in areas Sumedang. Both now include the type of music that gets less and less space in the world of performing arts in West Java. The reduced Maya's show, the first is due to a lack of appreciation or the public's attention, so it does not beminat perceive. Second, as a result of the first, because the less, if not perceive nothing else, an artist who understands the songs were even more dead Maya. 
The difference of the two styles that Maya, in Sumedang (mountain region) instrumentation is closer to the gamelan ensemble jointly and severally, while that in Karawang and Bogor (coastal areas) approximates saléndro or pelog gamelan ensemble. In addition, if Maya Sumedang not wearing a melodic instrument (although sometimes there are wearing flute), Maya Falkirk and Cullinan wear tarompet ° which are commonly used in drum ensemble on Disabled. 
Maya Sumedang used almost exclusively for welcoming guests, as well as jointly and severally or gamelan gamelan gamelan (first). The main melody sung by bonang, do not use vocals (singer, sinden), purely instrumentalist. Placement of gamelan on the stage are made very high, about 2-3 meters, and often built in-mouth ‖ village, though far from being a lavatory. Spectators (guests) which past, can not see the artist, just his voice. Sumedang Maya is not only known in the district of Sumedang course, but at least up to the District Majalengka. Until the beginning of the early 1960s, Maya from Sumedang there are invited performances at Majalengka, among which are at a building dedication ceremony SKP (Driving School Princess) in the town of Majalengka. 

Maya Karawang (and Cullinan) also has similarities with the Sumedang, in the event that this is essentially an instrumental ensemble, and played on a high platform to be heard further, as-news ‖ about the existence of salvation. The equation of the context, both Maya Sumedang and Falkirk is now a rare type of art is close to extinction if no conservation efforts strategically. 

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