Ajéng Karawang

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 Ajeng Karawang is one of the gamelan ensemble contained in the Betawi culture. Waditra (instrument) was generally composed of bonang; saron (metallophone, two sets), demung (metallophone, one octave lower than saron), one or two goong, kempul; Bende

(Smaller gongs; kecrék; several drums, percussion (four small gong berpencu), xylophone (sylofon) and tarompét.
Tarompét leader who serves as a melody instrument (other than bonang), is a tool that most distinguishes the types of Sundanese gamelan, including the Maya in Sumedang ensemble. Given this tarompét, Maya has a hard energy (-rowdy ‖), so that it fits as an ensemble for outdoor (out door). Besides in the Karawang regency, Maya is also contained similar in Bogor Regency, in District Cullinan.
Karawang, Bogor Maya generally appear alone, featuring instrumental music for the event of family and village celebrations. Maya also accompany dance masks (until the 1980's are still there in Cullinan) and there used to accompany wayang Betawi.
Maya performances in a festival celebration (in Karachi) is usually started at night, lasted through the night until noon the next day and night. In general, the gamelan was placed on a platform whose height reaches two meters or more, because it's generally not an invitation or invited guests can not see the musicians who play at that height. Maya is played during the ceremony took place salvation but with plenty of rest from time to time.
Maya large repertoire is divided into several groups, according to the type of melody and structure or form of composition. The songs from each group were many who played only at certain times only. A group of songs, some are only displayed on the second night. But, there is a staple song, which played at the beginning of each start of the show is the song How Bali.
In melodic, in Maya there a system of capital (surupan, fashion, patet) called worthy: worthy patbelas use all seven tones, and is worth ten who only uses five tones only. Patbelas and ten, with regard to the number pencon (small gong-berpencu) on waditra bonang used. 14 pencon patbelas inappropriate use, and worth ten using 10 pencon. In addition, in each there should be groups of songs, such as rancag, gambangan, and others.
In patbelas worth, there are two sections called inappropriate rancag (or rancagan) and worth Betawi (or Batawian). Both use a seven-tone (heptatonis), so that it can play songs Batawian, such as Malay songs and keroncong, or even other popular songs. While the group is worth ten, there is also inappropriate and should langbong singgul similar pelog barrel and madenda (sorog), five-tone with tone-half, and that such plates should saléndro, the five tones without half-tones. From the overall repertoire of Maya Falkirk, in general the names of the songs are similar or familiar with Sundanese song name. ‖-Term worth the same as commonly used in Cirebon. However, Falkirk Maya style of play is different with or Sundanese gamelan of Cirebon.

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