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Brai is a type of singing in the area of ​​Cirebon and Indramayu, West Java, a type of flying slawatan or contained on the Muslim community in many areas of the archipelago. The form of singing, solo and chorus, alternately or simultaneously, with the poetry of religious poems, in Arabic (such as Al litany) or in the local language - in this case is the brai Cirebon Javanese. Phrases of the most dominant is his verse from the holy Quran verses, monotheism, with regard to faith or deity, such as "La illaha ILALLAH" and "Astagfilullah aladzim." 
Brai accompanied by large tambourines, which is also called the brai. On that basis, some say that the name "brai" is taken from the name of the sound (anomatopoik) large tambourines, which reads "air ..." or "bray ..." Besides tambourine, in brai also contained a large drum (big drum) the same shape and size with a large drum that is usually used in the gamelan of Cirebon. Therefore, brai is an example of music which is a viscous blend of music (culture) of Islam with the local culture. From the song, does not sound as Middle-Eastern music, or commonly called desert tones., But rather on local tunes, and pelog slendro. And so did the rhythm. 

Brai usually played at religious ceremonies, such as at the date of teens to twenties month of Muharram (Laylat al-Qadr), the Prophet's Birthday, the birth of a baby, a house salvation, salvation in the tomb, etc.. He is unusual and is not intended as art in a stage for entertainment to be watched by many. Even some groups often hold performances there is no audience at all, such as the ritual in 10 cemeteries and other sacred places. Group brai in Bayalangu (Cirebon), for example, at least until the 1990's regular performing in 9 sacred places. In addition, although the place is far from his village, about 30-40 KM, every year they also performed in the tomb Gung Teak and Buyut Trusmi, however, especially after the increasing public and government attention on local arts, also displayed normal brai on festival events held in the cities.  

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