Mask Dalang

10-10-2011 Cirebon Regencies 26160 viewed


In Cirebon and surrounding areas, masked dancers known as the mastermind behind the mask. Said dancer or dance, in Cirebon almost never used in everyday conversation. Mastermind Mask is the name commonly used to designate a mask dancers and djoged is a word that means the same with dance. The word mastermind seems to have meaning to designate the status of activities related to someone who plays an art skill. Therefore, someone who has the skills to play berokan berokan called mastermind, who danced Sintren, called the mastermind Sintren, which play called wayang puppeteer, and so on. Thus, the mastermind behind the mask word meaning is usually masked dancers who danced the fifth mask: Panji, Pamindo, Rumyang, Tumenggung, and Klana. 
In the tradition of Cirebon mask, or a traditional art in general, those who will be the mastermind always doing ascetic behavior. They carry meuseuh themselves in various ways, including: fasting Monday-Thursday, kum (bath), mutih, ngabeuti, and so on. The meaning of asceticism is to make people capable of seeing all the dark areas within themselves. This enabled him to pacify his ego and rediscover the soul of light that is divine element. Cohesion through a purifying experience, he will be able to clean up and make the inner mirror sheen, so that more and more and more brilliant and can reflect the Divine Light that he had received. 
If humans can reflect light, then light it will be useful to others. In this sense we can say that man is the image of God. He is a living truth. 
To become a true dancer, you should be aware in close to your body, feel every little part and all the way how the parts it wants to move. When we want to hold a small part of our body, effectively we blunt our awareness of body sensations. When we surrender to the flow of bodily sensations that wants to flow through us like water through a sluice, the body might spontaneously start moving and dancing, because that was the natural way to express a real pleasure. 
A dancer is really making her as a friend, to each section and a small field, nothing is missed, nor a piece of muscle fibers, not even a sensation, nor a movement; this is true friendship. 

That is why, why mastermind masks while on stage is often regarded as not just any puppeteer. He was like a summons or a shaman who could be asked for his blessing. Do not be surprised too, if the Cirebon mask performances, there are some in the audience who asked blessed, because she or her child could be sick, to selling merchandise, or just ask her newborn was named after. A child whose name is given a mask onstage puppeteers called the child's stage. 

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