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Dombret or dongbret is a folk art that developed in West Java's north coast, particularly in Côte Blanakan Pamanukan, Subang regency. In addition to functioning as the entertainment for the fishermen, dombret also function as part of the ceremony as a symbol of fertility Nadran. Dombret often appear when the season arrives the fish auction, entertainment and release become tired for the fishermen. In addition, dombret also be entertainment for the buyers of fish, so they often choose to buy fish at the venue. 
Dombret popular since the 1930s. Art has a resemblance to the art ronggeng (Tap Tilu), whether viewed from the structure of the show, the songs are used, as well as the accompanying music. Dombret terms similar to doger or ronggeng, the female dancers who have the ability to sing and dance. 
The venue is usually in the open, without any special stage. Therefore, the nayaga spread the mat, sit while illuminated by Colen (a kind of torch made of bamboo). In addition to staged on the beach Blanakan, dombret also often singing to some areas around the coast like to Ciasem, stilt Beusi, Jatiragas Downstream, Tegal Koneng, and so on. In these areas they held a show at a place some distance from the houses, for example in gardens and in other open places. 
Sometimes there are also communities that provide space on the home page (bale). Visitors who come in are generally men. 
Waditra (musical instrument) used in dombret is percussion, kecrek, drums, fiddle, and a small goong. The music is very cheerful, cheery, so they can invite people to come to the arena and danced together dombret. The show begins with tatalu (opening music), as a sign that the dish will begin. The dombret get into the show arena, then one of dombret sang songs which functioned as a prayer, so that all, both artist and audience, given the smoothness and safety. After that, the dombret dance together. The audience in attendance, can dance with dombret sole option, may also request a song according to his pleasure. Dancers can also be invited dombret out arena performances by dancer-partner into a dark place ‖ to be invited to chat. Not long after dombret back to the arena show, and then save the money of fans into the coffin that has been provided near the panjak (music player). Dombret danced back while waiting for couples who want to dance again with him. Thus the atmosphere of the show until the end. Funny thing is, at the arena performances sometimes just stay the course because the dombret panjak anyone brought out arena performances. The time can show up in the morning, and completion will be dependent to his fans. The show could end if the fans tired or run out of money to pay dombret. 

The existence of excessive behavior of the fans against dombret, resulting in the emergence of a negative impact, even in the long run is only used as a cover art to cover up the practice of prostitution. In the 1950s began to appear dimly lit stalls that provide sexual services to impersonate dombret. Developments later, turned into a dangdut-style dish of northern coast of West Java with a very distinctive style. Change is also at the same time as the end of existence dombret. Now the art has been lost. 

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