Gagalan Panji – Simbol

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The mastermind behind the mask can not start if the song kratagan Manji has not sounded. It is strongly associated with what they say, that the mask dance Panji regarded as icons baby is born. Therefore it is very logical if the failure is considered as a process from the beginning of the birth. Panji Mask is a symbol sangkan Paraning dumadi, Ian terusing dumadi origin. Origin and continuation of life. 
Sukarta, puppeteer from Bongas, Majalengka, describing the Panji as follows: 
Sadurunge Risang tumandang Panji, iku diwiwiti swaraning ingkang gumerah sasanteré wasp. Wanda ambreg oranana sepisan kang curry. Jreng! Sagetakan kang Voice mawa angbata collapsed, yaiku sasmitané kekarepan, between the "yu" lan "yes". Ing kono, Risang Panji ing ana telenging sense, Aran Risang Manglayang Sukma. Ing rhythm watermelon wasp ana ana kenceng Alon, iku sasmitaning papadon sakloran ing, wong loro. Ing kono Risang Aran Risang Sukma Maya Bannerman, watermelon swaraning wasp stuck taya Alon rep Ian pungkasané Liren Babar linings, mung kang ana swarané Swasana stage. Ing kono Risang Risang Manikem Aran Banner. Artiné tepunging sakloran semen. Banyu kang Aran Tirta Marta Mahadi, for or Tirta Maya Kamandanu (banyu urip, ora kang Endah kinayangapa taxable). Ning kono Risang Sukma supreme court at the Mayan manggon sangang lawase quarterly. 
Before Risang Panji dancing, the sound begins to rumble wasps are very very hard. All that remains played no one. Jreng! In unison like the sound of collapsing walls, it is a symbol of the desire among yu (husband) and yes (wife). There, Risang Panji is in the midst of a sense of his name Risang Manglayang Sukma. That is why the rhythm of the gamelan is sometimes slow sometimes fast. That symbol of fusion between two beings. There Risang Panji Risang Sukma named Maya. That is why the sound of gamelan stop without rhythm is slow and eventually stop at asekali, only the atmosphere on stage. There Risang Risang Manikem named Panji, it means meeting a husband and wife semen. Water is named Tirta Marta Mahadi, or Tirta Maya Kamandanu (water ineffable beauty of life). There Risang Sukma dwell in the palace of the great Maya (womb) nine months. 
Failure is a paradox ‗ no 'and ‗ there', ie a natural fill the void. Rapid rhythm of the music (deder) and the same drum is a symbol of the unification of the dualistic (opposite opposition). Dualistic dimension is a symbol of union of man ‖ and ‖ ‖ ‖ women (saresmi); establishment of conjugal love. Therefore, in this section did not exist
snarl (sort of a small shouts shouted to the rhythm of music). It's like two beings who were making love, away from the atmosphere of openness ‖ ‖ with the world around him, there was only busy nayaga hands and hearing the sound of music's surge. Nglagon snarl and new can be done after the failure is complete. This is a picture of human life Java or Indonesia, that something matters relating to sexuality that are closed, even sacred. 

In ngertawara mask Bannerman, there are sentences égéré wong palace. Who would stir it? He was the baby who had been in a palace or a cave-womb (palace = womb). He was born into the world (diwalik sumpingé), and relatives of the baby was cheerful, joy. Ngertawara (Nayndra) was the symbol of all that. Symbol of joy and rejoicing, because a mother who took the actual birth process is in two critical situations. Both (mother and infant), or one of it, was on the verge between life or death. That is why when the mother and baby survived, the commotion around him. 

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