Gonjing – Musik Topeng Klana

12-12-2011 Cirebon Regencies 26587 viewed


Gonjing, is the name of a song. In Cirebon, this song is one of the musical accompaniment Klana mask dance, and usually connected with the song or Kalongan ilang Gloves. Gonjing songs used by virtually all styles Klana Cirebon mask, except Losari style mask. Even so, each has his trademark style of each. Klana Rasinah mask and Fragrant Indriya, for example, the slow (dodoan) the song has a special melody that does not exist on other mask styles. Similarly Losari style mask. Thus, each of the Cirebon mask styles have similarities and differences as well as the accompanying music, not just to dance mask Klana, but also for the other mask dances. More specifically Rasinah style mask and Menor, after the mask is often followed by complete Klana Klana Udeng mask, which also iringannya else. 

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