Jaka Bluwo - Cerita Panji

12-12-2011 Cirebon Regencies 26152 viewed


In the hamlet Pesawahan, Jake Bluwo become a farmer. It acts to plant pumpkins, squash, and chili. When he was hoe, hoe his own swing his legs exposed. Hoe worshiped until finally wound on his leg healed.
Poor send Bluwo Nyi Randa and her friends who also farmed forever. He found wulung bring the chicken and then kept until the fighting cocks. When the chicken is lodged, the chicken run, but running forward to hit cauldron batik. Bluwo know that the batik is a beautiful daughter, Lara Ketuwon. He falls in love and asks her mother (Nyi Randa Poor) that he wanted to marry the princess.
In the hamlet Pesawahan, Nyi Randa Musajem and Laraketuwon being told about the many people who apply for the daughter, but all were turned down, including Jake Bondan. Then came Jake Bluwo apply and Laraketuwon daughter accepted her application. When Jake was engaged to Laraketuwon Bluwo, come Klana who also want to apply for the princess. When he saw the daughter was alone with people he considered ugly, Klana then angry. There followed a battle between Jake and Klana Bluwo. Jaka Bluwo arrows, eventually changed its way into Banner. The battle continued between the banner and Klana again. Klana eventually be defeated.


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