Jaka Buntek - Cerita Panji

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Hamlet Pagedangan, Nyi Poor Randa worked as a handyman and carpenter nener nets. Day-to-day he was fishing in the river and one time he got the fish buntek. The fish was strange because it could speak, then by Randa Nyi Poor fish were brought to the child. The fish was then named Jake buntek. Meanwhile, Jake buntek know that Klana still curious to Goddess Candrakirana. Therefore, he then told his mother Nyi Poor Randa to apply to the state Candrakirana Orawan. Nyi Poor Randa went to Orawan, but not before he stopped in the village to meet his friend Pejarakan batik artisans, Nyi Musakat Randa. 
In countries Orawan, Queen Ox Miluhur Jaya and the sometimes told, that the daughter was memunyai Candrakirana desire that is difficult to be met. Suddenly there came Nyi Poor Randa and deliver to its intention to apply Candrakirana daughter for his son. When asked who the queen of the child's name, Nyi Poor Randa replied that his son is named Jake buntek, a fish. Of course pulling out kris queen angry. Nyi Randa kills. Demat Melaya Kusumah melerainya and queen told to get into the palace. Then Demat Melaya Kusumah said, that on behalf of brother Dewi Candrakirana anyone who could meet his request so he would become a soul mate. That request was mace kepet kupua fight, leregan mandala giri, Ian bangsalkencana display. Nyi Poor Randa was behind the desire to tell the princess. 
In Pagedangan, awaiting the arrival of Jake buntek Nyi Poor Randa. Arriving in Pagedagan, Nyi Candrakirana daughter Randa convey the request. Buntek menyanggupinya and he was told again to go to Orawan Nyi Randa carrying fetish Ping Ivory without rorosan. Arriving in Orawan, he then submit the request but only as a daughter of ivory without rorosan pring. Of course, the queen was angry and Pring (bamboo) is thrown in the direction Nyi Poor Randa, but are not taxable and the dishes on the door. Without warning, pring it disappear instantly and became all that was asked earlier daughter. Queen was shocked, then curious. He also asked for one thing, and if it can not fulfill it then he will be punished. Nyi Randa went home again. 
Arriving at the hamlet Pagedangan, Nyi Randa queen again expressed his desire that he should provide knight sakembaran. Nyi Randa finally told to meet in the country Banjarsari Retna Komala. He requested that can hold Jake Retna Komala buntek. They finally went to Orawan. When the request met the queen, finally accepted as a soul mate Jake buntek Candrakirana. However, when it will be mated, there came a feeling King Klana still curious about Candrakirana. War was inevitable. Jaka buntek Klana arrows and changed a way into Rd. Panji. The battle continued between the banner and Klana. Klana eventually be defeated. 

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