Tomb of Karl Adolf Bosscha

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Bosscha tomb final resting place is in the middle shade of the trees in Malabar tea plantation area. Bosscha tomb is still well-preserved. The tomb is quite magnificent. Pusaranya covered with a dome of European architecture. Fence around the grave and covered a number of large trees that have been old age. At the front gate of the tomb, there is an inscription bearing the sign of service and awards received Boscha.
Bosscha or full name Bosscha Karel Albert Rudolf was born in 1865 in the Netherlands, and died on November 26, 1928 in Malabar Bandung, West Java. He came to Indonesia around 1887, with developing and Pangalengan Malabar tea plantation.
Tomb Boscha
Bosscha also an astronomical observer. The most famous legacy is the Bosscha Observatory in Lembang, West Java.
Bah OHIM, is the tomb guards Bosscha, he had 9 years to guard the tomb. For this work he did not get a wage. To live everyday Bah OHIM rely pensions and results parasite tea trade orders of the tomb. According to this 79-year-old grandfather, Bosscha formerly known as the generous Dutch skipper. Some legacy until now beneficial to the general public. Among Hasan Sadikin Bandung Hospital and Eye Hospital Cicendo.
In 1923, Bosscha a pioneer and development funders Observatory in Lembang. Bosscha Observatory is the observation of the biggest stars in Southeast Asia, and is one of three observatories located in the southern hemisphere.
A number of other historic buildings is also a contribution Bosscha. Among Techniche Hogeschool, which is currently known as the Bandung Institute of Technology. Bosscha is the initiator of the establishment of Techniche Hogesscool. In 1924 Bosscha served as Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Board of curators. Faculty of Physics at the ITB 1201 contained the lab contributions Bosscha. In front of this laboratory, there is an inscription to commemorate the services of Bosscha.
Tomb Bosscha
Sciete Concordia which is now known by the name of the Building Independence Bandung, where the first Asia-Africa Conference was held in Bandung, also is believed to be one contribution Boscha. Building Independence is located at Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung in 1921 is a conference hall of the most complete and luxurious. Designees is a renowned architect CP Wolff Schoemaker. This building was designed with a touch of Art Deco. Building Independence once functioned as a meeting place of the Dutch, a place of recreation as well as hotels.
During his lifetime Bosscha not married. Because of her love of Malabar tea plantation, he requested his remains be buried among the trees of tea in the tea plantation area Malabar.
Bosscha tomb is located in the Malabar area of ​​tea plantations, Bandung regency.
Address: Malabar tea plantation, Bandung District
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