Jaka Penjaring - Cerita Panji

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In countries Orawan, queens and Kili was talking about the many people who apply for Candrakirana daughter. Ox King Jaya Miluhur feel confused because there are 25 countries that applied for the daughter, including the king Kasabrangan, Lion King Klana Sudarsa. Candrakirana Then he called and asked who will be receiving. Candra-kirana only ask, that whoever can beat an elephant it was he who would become his soul mate.
Elephant is located in Wantilan, and not haphazardly elephants, elephants Pergoti originally named in the story Parikshit and renamed the Elephant Suandana. He was assigned to deal with the applicants daughter.
In the square Camara, the applicants, including Klana, all trying to beat the elephant, but elephants run amok and it's all there is no solid deal. The applicant eventually disbanded.
In hamlets, Jake crawlers middle surrounded by girls who love him. Each wants to be his wife. When it comes Nyi Poor Randa, expelled the girls, because in fact he also fell in love to it. Jake was the adopted son Nyi crawlers Poor Randa that he found in the woods. Nyi Randa forthright that she loves Jake crawlers, instead he asked to act inappropriately as the mother of his son. Of course Jake crawlers rejected and therefore he was finally expelled.
Jake crawlers away and arrived in the jungle. But Randa Nyi Poor finally also felt sorry, he was soon looking for his son.
When Jake crawler was in the jungle, he was reunited with his mother. At one time there came a man who will wash the clothes and the one who sell oil. Both Nyi Randa told to wash clothes and sell oil. But even tell Jake Nyi Randa crawlers to wash clothes and also sells oil. Because he is not familiar, the laundry all washed away. Similarly dependents oil spill.
Randa Poor Nyi still feel curious about her son. He went back to seduce Jake crawlers to misbehave. But when it was seduced, come Elephants Suandana and Nyi Randa threw to fall in place very far away. Jaka crawlers then ordered to ride the elephant and he was taken to Orawan to reconcile with the Goddess Candrakirana.
Arriving in Orawan, then Bannerman told to enter into the palace and met with Candrakirana. Jaka crawlers were the origins of the Ox King Jaya Miluhur. He claimed to come from Jenggala, son of King Pond Baya. Ox Jaya remember past relationships that are less well with the Pond Baya, Jake finally expelled from Orawan crawlers. Candrakirana then fell ill. Jaka crawlers then until the middle of the woods. He met with the god Narada, and he sent undercover into the ugly and renamed the Rudamala. He was also ordered to be imprisoned in the abyss beneath teased merdana kombala kapok tree. 

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