Jaka Simping - Cerita Panji

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In Banjar Kemelaten, Raden Jaka Simping and his wife was named Goddess Rajauju talk. He arrival of Kili Paduganata which suggests, that people who are new to be husband and wife should be facing to the queen and have to dress well so that everything you'd expect no obstacles.
Jaka Simping accompanied by Patra Jaya Kili likewise obey his wife. They went to the queen overlooking Pond Jenggala for Baya. Actually they do not want to travel because of Kili considered conspiring with his brother to do no good against him.
When the three of them are in the jungle, met with the god Narada. Narada said, if you want to meet with his wife he must impersonate the ronggeng. Then Jake Simping disguised as ronggeng and he ngamen Orawan market. Kili daughter suddenly and brought into the palace. While the middle ronggeng ngamen in the market were arrested and taken to the palace. Then he was told to enter into the palace to sleep with the daughter. It is known that also want a Game Sinjang daughter. Finally, the battle occurred. Ronggeng arrows and change shape, back into Jake Simping, which no other is Rd. Panji. Game Sinjang getting defeated. Jaka Simping then memunyai twins who were given the name Dewi Katolan and Pamotan. 

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