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Flower breech is basic music Bannerman Cirebon mask dance. In addition to the song, there are several other songs, a case lontang big, oet-oetan, and pamindo deder arranged into an inseparable unity.
Technically the most difficult song in comparison to other masks dance music accompaniment. Flower Breech is the song that the tune melodies arranged in various forms. Each suffix track (goongan) consists of a long structure in the form of melodic ostinato (repeated melody). Each bar melody is also composed of a variety of rhythm and has its own rhythm.
In some parts of the song, there are tunes that breech (retroged) back and forth, but said the breech in front of the word's referent is not the flower of a small inverse tones. Breech in the reverse sense of meaning, does not explicitly indicate the presence of melody, rhythm or the notes that correspond to its semantic meaning. The meaning of the song title literally beyond.
The speed of each level of the rhythm (dodoan, ungga tenga, deder) and each song accompaniment was not always steady. That is, the rhythm of each song can be slow and may also quickly. This is very dependent on the movement of the dancers. The transition speed as well as forming the dynamics of dance, so it was not monotonous. Dynamics it is a symbol that life is sometimes up sometimes down, and that life itself is steep and winding, sometimes above and sometimes below. This can be observed by listening to sounds and speed of the melody that sounded, sometimes loudly and sometimes softly. Rhythm up and down like people talk slowly and loudly.
Breech flowers, whether it means the same as the flowers upside down? Literally, the word does mean ‗ flowers upside down '. Another question arises, whether Flower Breech is the name of a type of flower? If yes, how the shape and appearance? Where it grows? Whether it is a flower Flower Breech anything that blooms, and the crown upside down, dangling down? Presumably, Flower Breech is not a name that kind of flower. Breech flower is a flower ciciptan (imaginary) as a symbol that is used to hide a certain meaning. He is the flower and the mystery behind his name was kept a big secret.
In the area of ​​West Java, there are many songs named after flowers like Flower Boled, Swamp Cabbage Flower, Flower Gadung, Flower Beureum, and so on. In reality, the flowers as the title of the song there. However, in reality, the name Flower Breech, once again, there never was his form.
There is also the opinion that, Flower Breech can be interpreted as donya diwolak sing-Walik (a world turned upside down). Flower meaning or life expectancy, meaning upside down breech. So Flower Breech is inverted or paradoxical life, ie life in the womb and in the natural world. Natural yellow-saobahé Saosiké palace (womb) sausiké lan-ning nature saobahé donya. Life in the womb is a life not free, while the later life is a life free. That is, that life will always have things back and forth. We'll never be stuck forever, but will never be free forever. We will not be happy forever, nor will be sad forever. Lunch will change tonight. Light will change dark. Thus, life is upside down it will always be experienced.
The word is also found in the temple of the breech kakawin puppet show. At least two kakawen that include the word breech, which is in kakawen opener before puppet starts to tell and in kakawen (mysticism) to Ghatotkacha called K. Breech. K. Breech, it means the same as the reverse banyan, bud below and above its roots. Is there in fact a daily basis? Of course it never existed. This is clearly a symbol.

Breech flower, flowers literally upside down, together with K. Breech, meaning inverted banyan. Below the bud and roots on top. This is similar to the story Si Kabayan Ngala Tutut (Si Kabayan take snails). He did not want to plunge into the fields because he saw the sky was under her feet. She thought that in the rice fields. When he pushed in-law and plunged into the fields, the fields were shallow. He then say: el da-deet "(apparently superficial). Sky far above, there is under paddy. Height of the sky is the depth of field. So far it is very close; that in the shallow; the complex simple; that great on a small, and the invisible is very visible. So if man is makrifat. 

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