Kentol Astranurhuda - Cerita Panji

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In countries Orawan, Ox-King will marry Candrakirana Miluhur with Klana. Kili was told to deliver the invitation to the country and Banjar Kemelaten Jenggala. Meanwhile, in countries Jenggala, Flag Pond and Palasentika Baya, had just received an invitation. Baya pond knowing that it was just loves Candrakirana Rd. Kentol Astrawiguna. Then Goddess Ragil Rajauju asked to accompany and supervise Rd. Kentol, while Pond Baya, Palasentika and Nilaperbangsa go to Orawan to meet the Queen's invitation. Rd. Kentol understood that he was actually being watched by Dewi Dewi Ragil Ragil and when careless, Rd. Kentol went to Orawan. Told, in Banjar Kemelaten country, and his sister Sekartaji Rd. Clinch, also just received an invitation. He also went to Orawan.
It is said further, that the queen promised Orawan Klana, if it was lawful to marry later Candrakirana, he will be given power. Of course Klana feel good and also the invited guests who all had to come. Klana was told to go inside to see the state princess.
In the princess, Candrakirana and the waistband was talking, that in fact the daughter did not like Klana. He just terungat to Rd. Kentol. Suddenly Rd. Kentol Candrakirana daughter came to see. The meeting is known Klana, and finally Klana angry. Rd.Kentol ditubruk, but he could escape and ran to the back of the princess. Klana after him while yelling Rd. Kentol thief. Klana Nilaperbangsa came and said that there are thieves dikeputren. Because Nilaperbangsa not know the truth, he finally joined the chase thieves. But once observed, it turns out the thief is his own sister. So that he survived the fury Klana, Nilaperbangsa told Rd. Kentol fled the palace. When asked where thieves Klana to Nilaperbangsa, he replied that the thief running away with over the fence. Klana feeling insecure, she continues to pursue outside the palace.
Meanwhile, the clinch and Pawongan, chubby Orawan were walking towards the state. At the border, they met with Klana who is chasing Rd. Kentol. Clinch held hostage by Klana, thinking that they are thieves. Chubby was running scared. Brought to the country embrace Orawan and Klana feel happy to have managed to catch a thief.
In Banjar Kemelaten, Sekartaji received a report from Pawongan chubby, that embrace restraints by Klana. Sekartaji shocked and she went to Orawan.
In countries Orawan, Klana Bandopati clinch accused as a thief. Palasentika give advice, in order to clinch rantenya released, but was rejected by the Klana. Palasentika forced off rante and Klana even hit him. Klana dropped and he was furious to clinch. Fierce battle ensued. Klana arrows and finally he escaped, returned to his country. In countries Orawan, met with the Goddess Pond Sekartaji Baya. Clinch renamed Rd. Prabatasari, then he was sent home to the country Kemelaten Banjar. Rd. Kentol finally reunited with Candrakirana Goddess, and finally they got married. 

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