Kuda Laleya - Cerita Panji

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In Banjar Kemelaten, Panji Pond Baya and his wife was chatting. It is said that if his wife's cravings again, Bannerman told to Orawan. Bannerman was leaving because it is a duty. In Orawan, the queen and her ladies was telling Incurred loss of the Ocean, the country feel safe. But there are applications from Kesabrangan king. Request daughter, would meet with Klana origin Bannerman Pond Baya bride wants to be on display. Then comes the banner and the queen promised, the next daughter got engaged, Panji accompany. Bannerman was menyanggupinya and he kept out because she felt was hit Nyi Aldalawardi witchcraft. He continues to Gegelang. In Gegelang, Nyi Nyi Aldalawardi which is actually Permani, Arjuna loved kelong wewe although his form but wants to daughter. When he heard he had changed the form of Bannerman came into Nyi Aldalawardi and he felt very excited and can not remember anymore Bannerman to his wife and his duties.
Narrated in Banjar kemelaten, the goddess of childbirth and child Sekartaji has been great. The child was named Horse Leleya. Then Rd. Perbatasari remember the child's father, continued his permission to submit the child to the Flag and Pawongan Patrajaya to take care of.
In gegelang, Bannerman was having fun, then come Perbatasari who intends to memertemukan son. Nyi Aldalawardi into the palace, Bannerman and embrace his son.Nyi Aldalawardi located in the middle of the room in order to memorize science Bannerman hates her own child. Then Bannerman as involuntary expulsion and three guests so meraka ran and went to Gegelang. In Orawan, awaiting the arrival of daughter Perbatasari and when he comes, Perbatasari tell you what happened in Gegelang. Then Candrakirana go towards Gegelang and very angry at the behavior Aldalawardi. Arriving at Gegelang, Candrakirana straight to Bannerman and Aldalawardi, he then grabbed her hair so that Bannerman Bannerman mercy. Bannerman then returned to Jenggala.
In Banjar Kemelaten, Dewi Dewi Sekartaji was talking with a middle Ragil Rajauju Perbatasari sympathetic toward his brother. Perbatasari Bannerman admitted that her brother was no longer even claim he was tortured brothers. The child was then given to the Goddess Ragil while Sekartaji and Perbatasari go to disguise.
Bannerman then came and asked the Goddess Ragil, where Sekartaji and Perbatasari. Ragil goddess answered, that all went well even Pawongan. Bannerman then entrust their children to be kept Goddess Ragil and he gave the name of the child with Crow Pernala Raden. Bannerman then went to find his wife.
Told that Sekartaji Goddess and her sister were in the village Pasewakan Perbatasari. Perbatasari disguised Nyi Musajem named Randa. Sekartaji impersonate Laraketuwon Goddess. While chubby asked to leave. Panji continued to seek his wife, but he did not find it. He then disguised as a bad guy. Chubby posing a Nyi Randa Poor. While Palasentika and Nilaperbangsa disguised as Ward displays Kencana and became the ancestors of Earth and Gloves trondol Lawon. 

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