Hospital Dustira

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Dustira hospital is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani Cimahi, including in the Village Baros, District of North Cimahi. Geographically located on the Latitude and Longitude 107.534909 -6.885506, with a height of 758 m above sea level. Dustira hospital can be reached easily using two wheels or four wheels, both public maun private vehicles. To go to the location of the city of Bandung can be reached by public transportation (public transportation Hall Station - Cimahi) ± 20 km to the west.
Dustira Hospital was built in 1887 as a military hospital (Hospital Militare) during the colonial Dutch East Indies, with 14 acres of land, for military purposes are served in the Dutch East Indies Cimahi and the surrounding area. This is understandable in the area Cimahi military facility established the Dutch East Indies colonial government to strengthen its military defenses in the area of ​​Bandung, Cimahi and surrounding areas. During the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the hospital was used as a place of care and treatment of prisoners of Dutch troops the Japanese army. In the years 1945-1947 held back by the NICA.
After recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia by the Netherlands (1949), Militare Hospital (Hospital Dustira) submitted by the Dutch military to the Indonesian National Army (TNI), represented by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Kornel Singawinata. Since that time the hospital was renamed the Hospital Doctor Territorium III with Lt. Col. Kornel Singawinata as the first head of the hospital. However, on May 19, 1956 at Anniversary celebrations Territorium III / Siliwangi the 10th, Commander Territorium III / Siliwangi, Colonel Kawilarang, specify the name of this hospital by hospital name Dustira. This is done as a form of respect for Major services dr. Dustira Prawiraamidjaya who have shown faith and patriotism to help the fighters on the battlefield and provide help the victims of war especially for regions or fronts Padalarang. But on further developments Dustira Hospital, not only receiving patients from the military but the general public.
This building architecture europe (artdeco). Part of the building which still reveals kekunoaan, visible on the front of the building, on the roofs of buildings and walls of buildings. While the fence has undergone a change or replacement (iron railings). Roof tiles are still using the wave, the roof frame structure using wood and white walls, with the legs covered with cement lepahan.
Dustira Hospital is still used as a hospital to treat patients, but for the present and future can be developed as a historical tourist attraction, especially for medical students and students. When the medical student or students are given the opportunity to tour the hospital Dustira, they will get to know the meaning of the struggle dr. Dustira Prawiraamidjaya who have devote to maintaining independence. In addition to instilling and increasing rasanasionalisme for future generations.

Location: Jalan Ahmad Yani Cimahi, Kelurahan Baros, District of North Cimahi, Cimahi
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '8 "S, 107 ° 32' 6" E
Directions: To go to the location of the city of Bandung can be reached by public transportation (public transportation Hall Station - Cimahi) ± 20 km to the west.
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