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Panakawan is a "servant," or "accompaniment." In the puppets, there are two groups of panakawan: for (nobility) and the party-good-bad or evil. However, especially in the Javanese wayang, panakawan (the good and bad) not merely as an accompaniment. Some of the panakawan is instead a manifestation, an equal or even higher than the gods. Semar, for example, is Sanghyang Ismaya, brother Sanghyang Manikmaya (Guru as the ruler of heaven). Likewise Togog (panakawan on the poor) is the Biosciences
Munged, brother Ismaya. In some puppet story (essay), when no enemy is so powerful that both the Pandavas and the Gods are not able to defeat him, panakawanlah (usually Semar) who beat her. In wayang Sasak in Lombok, Omar Maya, who is also adviser to the family and the main character (Wong Agung Menak), he is known to be very powerful, which is also very smart so it is considered as the "brains" Great Menak Wong.
Being panakawan, although all are similar, and poor or bad apparently simple life, lived in the village, number, character, or function in different performances. In Java panakawan-good party consists of 4 people (Semar Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong) and 2 people in the poor (Togong and Bilung). In Sundanese puppet show, the numbers are the same as the puppet of Central Java. In Bali, each 2 Tualen and Merdah in both parties, and Dalem and Sangut on the poor. Lombok is the story of Amir Hamzah Menak from Arab lands, the character was similar panakawan 2 people, Umar Umar Maya and Madi. In Cirebon, panakawan party-whether it amounted to 9 persons, namely Semar, Sekarpandan, Ceblok, Bitarota, Astrajingga (Bagong), Dewala, Cungkring, Gareng, and Bagalbuntung. That said, the number 9 is often associated with a number of 9 people Wali.
However, the most obvious function in the show is that this panakawan a funny scene featuring refreshing. For a funny scene, this fresh, known in Java because (goro-goro). Within a few decades JAR, because the popularity of this section, of about 8 hours of performances all night long because of the scene can be 2 hours or more, or about quarter of the entire show.

The importance of the characters and funny scenes in the show is not just a puppet, as well as in a theater like skits, such as Dul Muluk, Mamanda, Masres, puppet people, and so on. In the play, is usually not called panakawan, but bodor 

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