Putra Timbul Lautan - Cerita Panji

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In State Orawan, Queen Ox Jaya Miluhur and Kili Paduganata, middle memerbincangkan of sound without a way. The voice said that the country Orawan will be oppressed by a son of the country called Banjar Kemelaten Rd. Timbu Ocean. Kili then told to go to the country Kemelaten Banjar.
In countries Kemelaten Banjar, Goddess Sekartaji center along with his son Arising Ocean, while his brother was in paseban Perbatasari. Then comes the reel to check newborn babies. Kili said, that this child should be taken care of by Artu. Sekartaji understand that those words were just a ruse. Newborn baby is finally captured, Sekartaji kicked him down and bleed. Kili baby hidden in the home and stables. Rd. Perbatasari heard that there was a voice screaming and newborn babies have been brought into the country Orawan.
In Jenggala, Panji Pond Palasentika Baya and his brother was talking. Come Rd. Perbatasari and told that the baby was taken Kili. Then followed the state Nilaperbangsa Orawan.

In countries Orawan, baby middle tortured, by the duke Jayabadra dipicis. But those who persecute it actually like hurting himself. Come Nilaperbangsa, newborn baby was taken, and the duke of Jayabadra was resisted until finally gone. Nilaperbangsa home to Jenggala while carrying baby. When he reached the Jenggala Bannerman Pond Baya felt confused and eventually renamed baby Rd. Kudawanengpati and ordered thrown into the woods. In the middle of the jungle baby cries and cries sounded god, later renamed Jake's baby crawlers and given to the Nyi Randa Poor. 

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