Rudamala - Cerita Panji

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Daughter who was ill sought to be cured and the king ordered Demat Melaya Kesumah to find a cure. Demat went.
On the brink Merdana Gada, who was imprisoned arrival Rudamala Demat Melaya Kesumah and told that he was looking for a drug that could cure Candrakirana. Rudamala then undertakes to cure the daughter, but asked to be picked up and asked when he was treating the daughter of unknown others.
Arriving in Orawan, Demat Melaya Kesumah asked the queen and he told me that there are shamans who could cure the princess home when cure is not visible to others. Shaman then told to go into Kaputren.
The arrival of the goddess Candrakirana flawless feel ugly surprise. Rudamala then transformed into a form of origin, namely Kudawanengpati. Candrakirana
knowing that the person who dreaded was his fiancee. But others who saw still remains as an ugly person.
Come Klana Sudarsa and he knows that the middle daughter with ugly people (Rudamala). Klana Rudamala napsu and arrows. Lost his form and become Kudawanengpati. Fierce war between Klana and Kudawanengpati. Klana can be defeated.
The noise between the two known Ox King Jaya Miluhur, he then told Patih Jayabadra help Klana. But he could not resist Kudawanengpati. Then he immediately met Jaya Miluhur Ox and his brothers namely Paduganata Kili, and Patih Jayabadra to ask for help. Starch Kudawaneng attacked, but he is more powerful and all were killed. Jaya Miluhur ox was killed, then die and become a snake body. Kili killed, dead into blood, and death became regent Jayabadra snakes.
Told that Suandana elephant was in the plaza and heard a commotion in the palace. He was soon arrived and found the bodies of snakes. Snake body tossed and fell on the boundary state Parang Garuda and Snake Island.

Which is actually Rudamala Kudawanengpati Raden, then legally married to Candrakirana. Country renamed Melawati state. While Elephant Suandana back into place. Then Bannerman Pond Baya, Sekartaji, and his brothers came to see Kudawaneng Starch. All were delighted Finally, Raden Raden named Pati Kudawaneng Jayaningrat and given a kingdom. From his marriage with Candrakirana, he memunyai a daughter that is Goddess Kemudaningrat. Pond banner Baya then introduced another child that is Raden Pernala Crow and two twins and Pamotan Kokolan Goddess. Then Panji Pond Baya and his brothers returned to Jenggala. 

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