Sri Sulanjana – Cerita Mapag Sri

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The story is told by Supendi, leather puppeteer from Babakan Bandung, Cipunagara, Subang District. Sri Sulanjana puppet theater is a special play for the ceremony Mapag sri. The bottom line tells the origins of agriculture-related furniture and home furnishings. Here is his story.
In the land Amarta, King Darma Kusuma and her sisters, is receiving guests from countries Dwarawati, King Krena, which was also attended by the Pawongan, Semar and their children. They're talking about to replace the food that had eaten its people, namely potatoes kumeli jumawut Gundem. Foods that are proposed as his successor was Sri Pohaci. When Prabu Krishna asked Arjuna who had met with Sri Pohaci, that Sri Pohaci not need to be told to come, because later also in time he will come alone to the island of Java. Sri Pohaci want to come to the island of Java, the origin of all his will fulfilled. Sri Pohaci asked Arjuna to hold some of the following:
First, Arjuna must provide Bale Kancana Saka Domas at Mount Timpuru. Both must provide a pair of Ox Kenya. Third, must provide the White Elephant Dama head there totopong (headdress) and intensification of gold decorated with diamonds. Fourth, it should provide Gamelan Silokananta man-made but not eligible for menabuhnya. Fifth, it should provide a kite made of gold. When the demand is met, Sri Pohaci promised that he would come to the island of Java in the household Anggara Love on 12.
Having heard the statements of Arjuna, Arjuna then called Rd. Gatotkaca and Rd. Antareja, Ghatotkacha told to take Bale Kancana Saka Domas while Antareja told to look for a pair of Ox Kenya. Meanwhile, Rd. Bhima sent to the island of Nusakambangan to take Dana White Elephant gold adorned her head and intensity, diamonds. They then rushed to obey the orders of King Krishna.
Gatotkaca Timpuru go towards the mountain, and on the way he was intercepted denawa Detia named Kala Werka blind. Gatotkaca banned from the mountain, especially if it will take Bale golden. Gatotkaca force and there was war. Kala Detia Werka can be defeated, but his body disappeared and became Ilir Ngembeng Talaga, or hihid (fan). Gatotkaca Timpuru finally get into the mountain and he met a Pandina named Begawan Besa Colors Golden Bale was waiting. Color Begawan Besa told that, he just stayed with the bale on the task of the Guru and if there are people who need Pendawa bale is then bale should be given. Bale finally given to Ghatotkacha and brought fly. When he wants to get to the plaza palace of the Pandavas, he felt his shoulder sore and intends to divert pikulannya to shoulder the next. However, the bale apart and disappear and change into Saung Sangar. It is said that, of Saung Sangar was in a supposedly Pamijahan often diziarahi the farmers when they will grow rice. Therefore, farmers who came to the place usually given a black rice seedlings.
Antareja who was sent to retrieve a pair of Ox-Kenya, go to the state Trajutisna. Kenya belongs to King Ox in the kingdom Trajutisna Bomantara who were similarly entrusted by Betara Master. Like the Golden Bale, Ox-Kenya should be provided where people need it Pandavas. Kenya finally brought Antareja Ox. Kenya needed oxen to till fields in the country of the Pandavas. Ox-meaning cow and Kenya means white. Kenya is a white ox ox. Working on rice fields by means diwuluku (hijacked) drawn by two cows.
Bima is told to look for the White Elephant Fund go to Nusakambangan. He had to cross the ocean. When it reached the middle of the ocean, his legs bitten White Crocodile. Crocodiles kicked up bounce to the mainland, but the carcass disappeared and turned into mortar. Two children also bite foot alligator Bima, both kicked also bounced up into the mainland. Carcasses both also disappeared and pestle into two pieces.
Milky finally get to the island of Nusakambangan and his arrival known Dana White Elephant. He attacked the elephant, and there was a struggle between the two. Bima has supernatural powers in his nails Nails Pancanaka namely, the elephant was stabbed. Elephants defeat, but as well as crocodiles, carcass disappeared and became a wide range of kitchen furniture. Headdress became aseupan, his stomach became Seeng, his ears became nyiru, and so on.
The fourth requirement which must be held Gamelan Silokananta. What is meant is that seruas sondari hollowed bamboo. Sondari when the wind usually reads ngiung, ngiung. That's what made humans Gamelan Silokananta menabuhnya but not human, but the wind. While the conditions that must hold goong sakati fifth, which is a propeller or kolecer intended to be made from hibiscus wood or teak.
After all sorts of conditions are met with all kinds of events, the country Amarta no food shortages. People who had been eating potatoes kumeli Gundem jumawut, replaced with rice, and not worry about starving to death. Amarta country became securely.

On the arrival of Sri Pohaci mentioned in anggara love in household of 12, the point is, that day there was a count and there is a soul mate. On Monday her match Thursday; Tuesdays soul mate Saturday; her match Wednesday Sunday; Friday soul mate Friday. The meaning of the 12th, no other, that the matter of his soul mate that day amounted to 12. Naktu Tuesday 4 - Thursday naktu 8; naktu Tuesday 3 - Saturday naktu 9; Wednesday naktu 7 - Sunday naktu 5; Friday naktu 6 - Friday naktu 6. Similarly soul mate every day that counts the number 12. 

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