Tembem or Nyo - Mask

26-10-2011 Cirebon Regencies 26166 viewed


Unlike the guise of pins, full-face mask chubby made ​​the wearer. Painted white, belotot eyes, cheeks puffed next, menyon lips, and forehead nongnong (swell). Wandanya funny, danced by bodor (comedian) with motions that funny too. In the show Cirebon mask, this mask danced as a distraction. Usually occur during the middle of dance mask mask mastermind Pamindo and bodor deliberately let him in order to provide time off to mastermind a mask, as well as to warm the atmosphere of the show. In the story Panji, pins and chubby is Punakawan Rd. Bannerman Bannerman who come wandering while looking for her lover, Candrakirana. 

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