Capolaga Adventure Camp

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Cicadas Panaruban village-district. Jalancagak
Ecotourism is one of the objects that exist in Subang district, situated in the village of Cicadas Panaruban, sub Sagalaherang.
Capolaga Adventure Camp has a beauty of a unique ecosystem of the river Cimuja Cimuja waterfall, waterfall and waterfalls Karembong Sawer managed natural principle. In addition to the waterfall, at a tourist attraction even this can be found the caves, one of which is the Rhino Cave. With the support of tourism facilities and activities out bound, making this object a very suitable place for the tourists who have an adventurous spirit.
Facilities and activities that can support recreational activities in Capolaga Adventure Camp include:
1. out bound
2. Outing.
3. Family or company gathering.
4. Adventure sports.
5. Tarcking and bird watching.
6. Tea walk.
7. Land camp.
8. Photograhy.

9. Fishing pond. 


Transportation to this Destination :

The travel time from Subang to these attractions is about 45 minutes, 1.5 hours from Bandung from Jakarta via toll while Sadang about 3 hours. The condition of most roads is still a gravel road.

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