Tourism Village Wangunharja

21-01-2012 Subang Regencies 27244 viewed


Is one picture of villages in the area of ​​Subang with the customs and culture are still strong, and until now customs are still performed. Visitors can watch the daily activities of the village community while enjoying the rural atmosphere is cool and calm.
Wangunharja Tourism Village also provides accommodation facilities for visitors who want to enjoy the village atmosphere.
Each year in the village held a party of the people of Earth Ruatan that has been packaged in a tour package.
Tourism Village, homestay, parking areas, food stalls.
Condition of the road leading to this attraction is paved, so that visitors can use a personal vehicle wheel 2 or 4 wheels. As for the travel time from Subang town about 40 minutes, 50 minutes from Jakarta and from Jakarta through the toll booth Sadang about 3 hours.


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