lake Bolang

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Bolang there is one alternative that has a tourist attraction. The place is situated in the village Jatisura Cikedung District, 20 km from the town of Indramayu. Tours are available just as diverse as fishing, camping and water recreation. Bolang it also has a rural feel that is very thick with panoramic pesawahan, goats, and mango trees that grew around Situ Bolang so presents a comfortable atmosphere. Bolang there are also food stalls that stood at the edge of the lake so that adds to the beauty of it when visiting Bolang, Bolang lake there are also many fish, even the many visitors who come just for fishing.
Bolang as a lake there now being developed into the economic lifeblood of society. Where the distance is only 10 km from Jakarta-Cirebon pantura track has a pretty exciting prospect, not only for the empowerment of community institutions (LPM) Village Jatisura as a manager, but also for locals and neighboring villages.
There Bolang which has an area of ​​6.25 hectares of standing water and rainwater harvesting about 425 000 m3, in addition to the water used for irrigating rice fields surrounding the village community and fish farming, Bolang Situ region have also been developed into a natural lokawisata village by village LPM Jatisura .
Even with modest facilities, beautiful natural scenery and the cool air Situ Bolang lokawisata was developed into a village of the countryside by LPM Jatisura. It begins with improving road infrastructure in Situ Bolang worked together by the residents. The atmosphere of the countryside with a backdrop of forest expanse of teak and acacia trees surrounding the property Perhutanioffice Situ Bolang is indeed a very beautiful scenery as well as soothing. It makes the region a suitable place to relax.

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