Cimahi Railway Station

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Dutch East Indies colonial government building in Cimahi Railway Station is related to efforts to retain power in the area of ​​Bandung Cimahi. As a means of transporting military logistics from Batavia to Bandung Cimahi and surrounding areas. Cimahi since the 1880s, planned as a military base the Dutch East Indies colonial government, while the Bandung City Center is planned as the Dutch East Indies colonial administration.
Cimahi Railway Station Building is located on Jl. The station, located at position Latitude and Longitude 107.536122 -6.885793, with ketiggian 765 m above sea level. To go to Cimahi Railway Station can be reached from the central city of Bandung by using the two-wheeled vehicles or wheeled ermpat within ± 30 km to the west with a travel time ± 30 minutes.
Buildings from the colonial period around 1886 this has European architecture (artdeco). The entrance has two doors made ​​of teak wood, and at the top has a vent that formed half a circle, covered with stained glass and has tralis iron. On the edge of the door and vents it has 3 window profiles. Shape doorway and ventilation was followed in the window next to the left and right of the entrance. On the wall of the building between the legs with the body parts separated by trim. The foot of the building was given a dark color, while in the body are colored beige. Hangar where passengers wait was roofed with the construction of plate steel and iron (zinc).
Building location is very strategic and easily accessible, so that when one object is developed as a tourist attraction along with the buildings of European architecture in the city of Cimahi and Bandung. This is a suggestion that needs to be prepared better roads and traffic regulation plainly so that visitors or tourists or connoisseurs of colonial buildings in the city of Bandung Cimahi and can freely and quietly.

Location: Station Road, Cimahi
Coordinates: 6 ° 53 '9 "S, 107 ° 32' 10" E
Directions: To go to the Railway Station Cimahi can be reached from the center of Bandung with the use of two-wheeled vehicles or wheeled ermpat within ± 30 km to the west with a travel time of ± 30 minutes.
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