Tonjong Waterfall

15-03-2012 Majalengka Regencies 26133 viewed


Tonjong waterfall is a natural attraction. This object is located in the Village district Rajagaluh Teja, which is managed by the Village / Kompepar and TNGC (Ciremai Mountain National Park). Distance from City Majalengka +20 km wide adjacent to the East with this object that is +0.5 Ha.
Tonjong waterfall offers a beautiful natural beauty and a natural stream with a waterfall that is quite heavy, although not too high coupled with huge boulders found along the river. The uniqueness of these tourist sites are the bamboo bridge that deliberately so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of this location as he passed it to the top of the waterfall and the natural values​​, the cool air, and the clear water flowing river. Where there is a lot dipuncaknya as a resting place. So that in 2005 the object is in great demand by visitors, this can be seen from the number of visitors as many as 5,000 people in 2005.
To get to the tourist sites, tourists can use public transport or private vehicles, both two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Tickets to enter the site can be purchased for Rp. 2500. Tonjong waterfall to reach the site from paved roads could only be reached by the two-wheeled vehicle with a distance of about +400 m, before reaching the site there is a parking lot for motorcycles as well as kiosk vendors.

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