Sangiang situ (Tomb of Sunan Parung)

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Sangiang there is 800 m or before Talaga city from the south. The area is situated at a height of land between 600-800 m.
Ground level was the lowest and highest village in the village Banjaran Sangiang. Most diverse forms of land surface, but in general is relatively flat with a slope of up to 10%. Such lands are generally used for pesawahaan area and waters.
Aspects of climate, the region Situ Sangiang including climate type C2 with the intensity of rainfall on average between the years 1990-1997 of 1802 mm / year. The highest rainfall in 1990 by 3050 mm / year and the lowest occurred in 1991 with a rainfall of 716 mm / year.
WW Situ Sangiang area with views of woods such as mahogany and a mixture of cinnamon are found also other types such as alang-alang grass, puzzles, gewar, rattan, saliara, kirinyuh, pohpohan, Tepus, kiara, manglid, suren, objects, candle, plug and others. Sedangkna fauna species including pythons, snakes fields, birds finches, bincarung, cangkakak, apes, monkeys, bai.
Tourism activities to do including hiking, boating, fishing and camping.
In Situ Sangiang Travel Wana contained sacred tomb. Local locksmith said that graves exist alongside Situ Sangiang this is one of the tomb figures of Islamic propagator Majalengka and surrounding areas.
Naturally, when traveling in Situ Sangiang more religious. There are come all the way over there, just wanted to make a beeline kemakam guardian and then alongside a shower there. So really it's very sacred travel. According to local residents and the caretaker there was an incarnation of an ancient kingdom called the kingdom lake.
At about the time prior to the 15 century, kewadanaan Talaga is one of the former empire, the throne called SUNAN Talaga gig, from the descendants of King King Siliwangi, in Sangiang kingdom. He has two sons, one male and one female, the male named Raden PANGLURAH and a woman named QUEEN SIMBAR KENCANA. Raden Panglurah no dikeraton're doing tetapa in Bitung MOUNTAIN south Talaga.
Queen SIMBAR KENCANA husband had the head of a grand vizier in the palace, which was named PALEMBANG MOUNTAIN, came from Palembang. Patih palembang mountain after he is believed by law, the Sunan Talaga gig and obeyed by the people, arising out of mind wants to be a king's wrath in Sangiang Talaga, with intent to kill in-law is Sunan Talaga gig. After receiving information from a spell called CITRA LION, that the king was very gallant tumbak not a weapon or is capable of taking starch was king, but by a king of his own companions tumbak weapon when he was born, and the image of the Lion explained that that can take a weapon belief that only a king named gendek Check the items, after getting the spear, then Palembang Mount persuade the sweet words and grandiose to Check items to pick up the weapon, and do the killing, if successful will be rewarded / to be raised in rank . Check the items then after getting persuasion heroics of Palembang Mount he was willing to do the killing.
At one time about five o'clock in the morning SUNAN Talaga new gig woke up and headed for the toilet, he was scouted by Check Articles, then in a dark place ditumbak on the left hip, so it gets a severe wound. Check the items after a run away and was chased by a guard, but the prabu said, "Let's Check the items do not hunted, later he also got a reply from the god damned because he lawlessness". After the Check items out of court, he becomes mad, he was biting his limbs until he dies.
Mount Palembanga Got news about it, and he went to visit him, but the court did not have (gone) gone into it with everything in what is now called SITU Sangiang Talaga. After missing the state palace, Mount Patih Palembang became King in Talaga.
Over time the event was discovered and there are of them who told his wife QUEEN SIMBAR KENCANA or Palembang Mount, that the death of her husband's father was an act handanya own. After that it gets kanbar SIMBAR KENCANA concentrate to get revenge on her husband, the father's death handanya. At Palembang Mount nyeyak sleeping in tikamnya (slit) by Golden Simbar hairpin queen, so it died instantly.
After the mountain palembang died, no one shook the kingdom is in a new foster home Raden Panglurah of petapaan (eldest son of Sunan Talalga gig) sedatangnya to Sangiang he was surprised that a state court had gone there alone and only visible after he had heard from people who meet in the place that the court has moved to a place Walang Suji (village clumsy).
When the Queen is a collection of the Golden Simbar ponggawa, Raden Panglurah who came to the Queen's Golden Simbar and then the queen Simbar Kencana handanya described the death of his father. Raden Panglurah then requested that the government resume is golden sendri Simbar Queen, and he (Prince Panglurah) would follow my father to ask the four official handanya hero, after a request dikabukannya, he headed Sangiang Situ Situ and after arriving at the Sangiang he and his retinue took to the Sangiang situ and also disappeared.
After the death of Mount Kilkenny, Queen's golden Simbar remarried deangan Kusumalaya Festive Kutamangu Raden, descent and has a son Sunan Galuh Parung, and after the Queen's Golden Simbar died, was the revelation of the kingdom to his son SUNAN Parung.
Sunan Parung son has a wife named Queen Parung, his empire continued to have a husband and son Raden Raden Rangga Mantra Munding Sari General, or a descendant of King Siliwangi Padjajaran.
From that time Raden Rangga Mantri and Queen Parung change his religion from Buddhism to Islam, which was developed by Sunan Gunung Djati CIREBON (Syarif Hidayat TULLOH). Raden Rangga Islam Mantri be renamed after King shoots Ulum. King has a son named Ulum shoots SUNAN WANAK PRIH. Sunan Wanak Prih a king who held diwaloang suji (Village clumsy). Sunan has a son Wanak Prih SURAWIJAYA SUNAN KIDAK IMPACT. After Sunan Wanak Prih Dead to the throne of his kingdom down SURAWIJAYA IMPACT, and the kingdom was moved from Walang Suji to Talaga.
Sura powerful Wijaya had sons named SUNAN PRINCE SURAWIJAYA, Sunan Ciburuy, revealed to her Son Dipati SUARGA. From son to son Dipati Suarga diturunkn Dipati Wiranata. Then the kingdom to his son, Raden diturnkan Saca grandparents until the seventeenth century.
Kingdom was moved (removed) due to colonization, and at that time the kingdom in Talaga became DISTRICT. Raden Saca Grandmother left the ranks Nata. Descended to his son named ARIA SECANATA. After that
Transferred to a district located in Sindangkasih Majalengka.
Prince Regent of the District moved Sacanata refused until he retired at that time. He has a son named Prince Sumanegara. Prince had a daughter named Sumanegara ANGREK Nyi Raden. Nyi Raden has a husband named KERTADILAGA Angrek son prince mammal frangipani. Of Kartadiliga had sons named Natakusumah in CIKIFAI Talaga, until now descendants are still there, keep (preserve) old stuff descendant of King Talaga. Goods are ancient APE CLOTHES, statues, gamelan, Tuah cannons, rifles SUNDUT, and other perkkas which still exists today.
The former keratonnya been changed into a house wall, only the doors and walls are made of any ancient carvings, owned by descendants.
It must be noted that before the war, not a few who make pilgrimages to the Situ Sangiang and kemakam, also scattered rattan (from Talaga).
From outside the district, there are still many people who berjiarah until now. In Situ Sangiang pekuncenan many as seven people there. Thus these short stories were collected from the parents and descendants.
Can be achieved with a four-wheeled vehicle with a mileage of 30km Majalengka. Condition of paved roads.

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