Janawi Lake

03-11-2011 Majalengka Regencies 26163 viewed


Located in the Village Teja, District Rajagaluh, with the distance 25 km from the center of Majalengka. It has an area of 1 ha which is still managed by the Madrasah Diniyah Awaliah. It is unique, where the presence of a small land in the middle there, and the springs that supposedly he can cure the disease.
Access to it is good enough to condition the road was paved, but the absence of means of transport in the form of public transport leading to the attraction by yag facilities are still lacking support. The average number of visitors to a particular event (widths) of 150 visitors to the entrance fee of Rp. 5000, -/orang.

source: www.majalengkakab.go.id 

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