Cigentis Waterfall

07-11-2011 Karawang Regencies 26156 viewed


Cigentis waterfall is a Means of Tourism Prime Khanewal district, this waterfall is under the foot of Mount Sanggabuana, Panorama along the way is very beautiful, beautiful, away from air pollution in the Big City.
Although the road to this waterfall can only be reached by foot as far as 2 km from the parking of vehicles, but to treat alluring landscapes, will not feel we've Sports Travel while you are making healthy because the air is clean.
Clear water that flows in the creek along the road, making us stunned the beauty of Nature created by God Almighty. Location Cigentis waterfall located in the Village Mekarbuana, District Tegalwaru 44 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.


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