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Cipanundaan waterfall located at the foot of Mount Sanggabuan with 3 (three) pieces waterfall together in one area such as stairs, suspended in pond water curungan unity, fell again in the second pond, fell again postponed in the third pond, the road to Niagara Cipanundaan are still Virgin with winding paths, up and down, past the large rocky river, climbing right to the left of ravine with the river.
Waterfall was only discovered by the local community, and Expeditionary Travel with Team Chairman Drs. AA Nugraha MK Head of Information, Tourism and Culture Khanewal district at the time.
Travel to the waterfall Panundaan very heavy and challenging, yet beautiful panorama and still Original and untouched by the hands - the hands of ignorant, gives an unforgettable impression. Location Cipanundaan waterfall located in the Village Kutamaneuh, District Tegalwaru 42 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.

source: http://www.unikanehdidunia.blogspot.com 

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